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Why are Ratings and Reviews Important?

Everything is simple:

  • applications rated below 3.5 stars rise to TOP rarely
  • the better rating brings more purchases and installs
  • rating is the first thing people pay attention to
  • when choosing, the potential users are more likely to install an application with the best rating
  • people always read reviews before buying an app
  • in 85% of cases people read reviews before installing an application
  • the app rating is an obvious indicator of the users’ attitude to your app and company in general

The Importance Of An App Rating

Every Android user pays a lot of attention to the reviews and ratings of the app he or she is downloading. Therefore reviews and Ratings are insanely important for app promotion. Our company offers to buy app ratings and even custom reviews in the way that does not breach the Google’s policies. Our services are reliable and efficient and we are proud to provide high quality and guaranteed result.

High Quality App Reviews

It is necessary for a review to be informative and reliable. A high quality app review should contain enough information to convince a user to download it. If you buy mobile app reviews, you may expect that they will be written after a little bit of research. Our team conducts through research before writing reviews, so that the result is efficient and users trust it. We are proud of our experts, whose experience in writing reviews is quite outstanding. Mediocre quality is not about our services.

Let’s look at the Google Play Store. It is totally open to users, so that everyone can create something, upload or download. If you’ve created an app and uploaded it on Google Market, the app is rated and reviewed by people who have downloaded and tried it. This way, the greatest success could be reached only by increasing visibility and creating reliable reviews. The better your reviews are, the more users download the app. This way, the app’s ranking keeps growing and its developer gets profit and reaches success.

Stand Out From The Crowd

As a fact, there are 1.8 billion apps, downloaded from the Google Play Store per month. This number keeps growing. Statistics is a tangible reason to buy reviews on android.

According to the latest data, there’re over 1.5 million apps on Google Play Market. The platform is used by the majority of developers. This means that Android is the most popular mobile OS all over the world. So, there is a huge sense to buy mobile app reviews to reach high ranking in the Google Play Store.

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